Cimato Moroldo Architects Inc delivers high-quality residential homes, tailored around the specific needs and lifestyles of each client. We employ creative solutions and are committed to helping clients design the home of their dreams. 


Cimato Moroldo Architects Inc. have been at the forefront of  a variety of commercial architecture projects across South Africa. Combining function with style, specifically designed to meet the needs of a wide range of business types.


Cimato Moroldo introduced in-house interior design team; ID8 in 2010 as they believe in a holistic approach to architecture and design interpreting architectural detail to guarantee a harmonious balance between the exterior and the interior.


The brief is established from the requirements and necessary details provided by the client. We then outline the strategy and project plan in accordance with site information, planning and statutory regulations and budget.

  • the client’s brief
  • the site and rights and constraints
  • budgetary constraints
  • the need for consultants
  • project programme
  • methods of contracting.

Stage 1 Deliverables: Attend project initiation meetings, advise on rights, constraints, consents and approvals, Report on project site and functional requirements


An initial design is prepared with an outline showing space provisions, planning relationships and materials and services intended to be used.

  • the intended space provisions and planning relationships
  • proposed materials and intended building services
  • technical and functional characteristics of the design.
  • check for conformity of the concept with the rights to the use of the land.
  • review the anticipated costs of the project.
  • review the project programme.

Stage 2 Deliverables: Concept Design sketch plans, showing general layout and planning relationships. Site Plan


The scope and complexity of the project is confirmed and the design reviewed. The local authorities are consulted to ensure all applicable restrictions are met:

  • confirm the scope and complexity.
  • review the design, and consult with local and statutory authorities.
  • develop the design, construction system, materials and components.
  • incorporate and coordinate all services and the work of consultants.
  • review the design, costing and programme with the consultants.

Stage 3 Deliverables: 2 x Artist’s Impressions Rendered


  • prepare documentation required for local authority submission
  • co-ordinate technical documentation with the consultants and complete primary co-ordination
  • prepare specifications for the works.
  • review the costing and programme with the consultants.
  • obtain the client’s authority, and submit documents for approval.
  • review the design, costing and programme with the consultants.

Stage 4.1 Deliverables: Prepare and submit necessary drawings to homeowner’s estate and local council


  • complete Construction documentation and proceed to call for tenders.
  • obtain the client’s authority to prepare documents for procuring offers for the execution of the works.
  • obtain offers for the execution of the works.
  • evaluate offers, and recommend on awarding the building contract.
  • prepare the contract documentation.
  • arrange the signing of the building contract.

Stage 4.2 Deliverables: Full set of working drawings, plans, sections, elevations, details, specifications, electrical layouts, lighting layouts, window and door schedules


  • Administer the building contract.
  • Give possession of the site to the contractor.
  • Issue construction documentation.
  • Initiate and/or check sub-contract design and documentation that are appropriate.
  • Inspect the works for conformity to the contract documentation and acceptable quality in in terms of industry standards
  • Administer and perform the duties and obligations assigned to the principal agent in the JBCC building contract, or fulfil the obligations provided in other forms of the contract Issue the certificate of practical completion.
  • Assist the client in obtaining the occupation certificate

Stage 5 Deliverables: Attend weekly regular site meetings (1hr weekly for 12months), Issue updated drawings to the contractor as required, issue drawing registers, co-ordinate check and approve subcontract shop drawings, receive, comment and approve payment valuations, inspect the works and issue practical and final completion lists.


  • Facilitate the project close-out including the preparation of the necessary documentation to effect completion, handover and operation of the project.
  • When the contractor’s obligations with respect to the building contract have been fulfilled, the architectural professional shall issue the certificates related to contract completion.
  • Provide the client with as-built drawings and relevant technical and contractual undertakings by the contractor and sub-contractors.

Stage 6 Deliverables: Inspect and verify rectification of defects, Receive, comment and approve final valuation certificates, Prepare and procure as-built drawings and documentation, Submit as builts to council if necessary